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4AM SNEWS Newsletter | June 2004

In this issue:

01 - 4AM Group News: expanding to new horizons
02 - New Packages: from email marketing to search engine to branding, check them out.
03 - New Launches: find out more about what we've been up to in the past month
04 - New Clients: find out about our new projects
05 - A Special Promotion: gift certificate to one of Vancouver's top restaurants, The Cannery

Why Permission-Based Email Marketing?

Email marketing is targeted, measurable and effective
High response rates between 10 – 15% (compared to 1 – 2% for direct marketing)
Low-cost of HTML email newsletters (
half the cost of traditional direct marketing)
Ability to specifically target messages personal and relevant emails build trust)
Real-time email marketing campaign tracking and results
Click on the following links for samples of our latest client email marketing campaigns:
Storied Places | Abercrombie & Kent | IBLS |
Leukemia Research BC | Dress For Success

Our latest email marketing clients include:

Eaglequest Golf, Northwest Culinary Academy, Ownermatch International, Roger Brooks Photography, Miles Employment Group, Backun Musical Services. Thank-you!

4AM Group News: expanding to new horizons

In the past year, 4AM Group has expanded and established itself as a leading-edge web design and email marketing firm across North America including major centres like New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Vancouver. Part of the excitement will be the unveiling of 4AM Minis this summer and possibly a retail outlet by the end of the year. Please stay tuned and visit our website at

New Packages: from email marketing to search engine to branding
4AM Group now offers introductory packages to get you started. They include:
  • Search Engine Optimization Plan
  • Email Marketing Introductory Plan
Web design & Development Introductory Plan
  • Ecommerce Starter Plan
  • Branding Introductory Plan

a special promotion:

New Launches: find out about what we've been up to
Eaglequest Golf Backun Musical 500 West Hotel, CA Intrawest Corporate
corporate site corporate site real-estate site  passholder web site 
Storied Places Bambu Victoria Ownermatch Intl.
Dexter Condo, WA
email marketing temp real-estate corporate web site real-estate site 
BASQ NYC, NY Beringer Group Dennis Kalil, S Africa Beacon Branding, NY
temp corporate site corporate site painter showcase corporate partner 

New Clients: find out about our new projects
Storied Places, Intrawest
Beacon Branding, NY
Ownermatch International, Salem, OR
Smart-Tek Com.
Leisura Development LLC
Placemaking, Intrawest
Bambu, Victoria
Basq New York, NY
500 West, San Diego, CA
The Beringer Group
Espresso Coffee Machines
Roger Brooks Photo
Miles Employment Group
Northwest Culinary  Academy of Vancouver
Restorative Justice

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